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Are you letting your chance to create wealth slip away?

Have your past attempts at budgeting, saving and investing gone astray?

Is it time to finally get your financial house in order?

Do you want to be financially independent and free?

The Illustrated Guide to Financial Independence takes best financial practices, concepts and techniques and streamlines them for easy use. This guide organizes financial concepts into a step-by-step system that will direct you toward your own path to wealth.

You will learn:

  • The secrets to staying motivated on your journey to wealth

  • The best possible budget to use and how it can supercharge your life

  • How to manage investing risk

  • How to use goal-setting to create a life other people only dream of

Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to take your first steps toward creating a life of unparalleled financial freedom!

What Readers Are Saying

An insightful and easy to understand guide that everyone should look into if they desire ultimate financial freedom!
This book is an easy and entertaining read that will show you simple steps to financial security. I wish I would have had this information earlier. A good read with lots of actionable steps

Bill Parsons, author of Master Mind: Tools for Transforming Your Life

This book makes the "dark" world of finance easy to understand for us layman. I normally do not have an interest in the financial world (I know, that's bad) but this book helps me to know what, when and where I need to start. Someone else always did this for me so now I am on my own and am glad to have Larry's book to help. I recommend it to everyone.

Barb, Amazon Reviewer

I enjoyed the book a lot! The summary illustrations do such a great job putting the information from the chapter into easily digestible pictures. Typically when I read financial books, I constantly have to go back and search for a long time to find just a little bit of information. With this book, I never have that problem. Very digestible chapters with perfect illustrated summaries. I recommend everyone regardless of financial IQ read this book!

Bill, Amazon Reviewer

I have exciting news! Lisa and I are working together to produce a FREE, financial newsletter. This is an outgrowth of the financial educational work we are already doing to help our community and friends. 
The newsletter’s mission is to increase both your financial knowledge and create the fiscal confidence you must have to thrive in today’s world. It contains engaging information to learn how to build wealth and navigate our rapidly changing economic environment. Stay abreast of these important changes and increase your financial best practices at the same time.

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