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Ideal for high school students, recent high school graduates, college students, or anyone who wants to be financially successful.

The Illustrated Guide to Financial Independence: Young Adult Edition explains how to turn your dreams into reality by utilizing proven financial concepts and skills to create positive financial outcomes that will support the life you want.

A dedicated team of financial educators, researchers, teachers, librarians, and students helped create sound financial strategies to build confidence and improve life outcomes.

Learn how to:

  • budget, save, and set important goals.

  • understand loans and the best way to repay lingering debt.

  • create credit, build credit, and even fix your credit.

  • overcome demographic or family-related factors that could hold you back.

  • analyze college costs and determine a degree’s return on investment.

  • avoid the financial mistakes your parents made.

You will learn:

  • Money Game techniques and cheat codes to transform yourself into a master-level player.

  • several financial mindsets that are vital to boosting financial success.

  • why creating financial abundance is moral, proper, and even fair to our society.

  • methods to create upward financial momentum and why it matters.

  • about the inner working of bonds, stocks, and our financial markets.

  • about the amazing power of compounding interest.

  • why controlling your future (self-efficacy) is vital to both success and mental health.

What Readers Are Saying

“The modern real-world examples, step-by-step guides, practical budgeting advice, attainable goal-setting, and fantastic illustrations all come together to create a valuable resource for young adults who are interested in understanding financial literacy but don't know where to begin. I plan on adding a copy to the Young Adult collection at the library where I work, and I'll be purchasing a copy for my own teen; the book is that great.”

— Anna Dussler, YA library collection developer and cataloger

“Faulkner's Illustrated Guide to Financial Independence: Young Adult edition is a tool I wish I had in my pocket when I was a teenager.”

— Lana Lunsford, high school teacher and parent

“This is the only financial book I have read in my life, and I am so glad it was this book! It was easy to read and understand. I particularly loved the stories of amazing financial success achieved by dozens of high school and college students.”

— Lauren Pimentel, college student

I have exciting news! Lisa and I are working together to produce a FREE, financial newsletter. This is an outgrowth of the financial educational work we are already doing to help our community and friends. 
The newsletter’s mission is to increase both your financial knowledge and create the fiscal confidence you must have to thrive in today’s world. It contains engaging information to learn how to build wealth and navigate our rapidly changing economic environment. Stay abreast of these important changes and increase your financial best practices at the same time.

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