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Are you ready to maximize your success, create financial prosperity, and increase your happiness?

Ohio Police commander Larry Faulkner has authored an award-winning book about his successes (and misadventure), on his journey to fulfilling his life goals. Messages From Your Future guides you toward generating financial freedom and enjoying an extraordinarily gratifying life in a series of easy to understand steps based on the personal experiences of Larry and those he met along the way. Why not use the hindsight of others to foresee and then sidestep the potential downfalls lurking in your future?

What Readers Are Saying

"Messages from Your Future" is a fantastic read! Faulkner delves into many issues that plague modern investors' concerns: Mastering personal finance, Eliminating debt (student loans, credit cards, etc...), Getting the most out of your investments and life insurance. While every other book on the market may have confusing "insiders secrets" and impossible "tricks of the trade," the seven rules are as easy to follow and implement as this book is to read! He uses his own unique personal experience (and even sometimes failures) to help everyone understand just how important taking a few easy steps really is.

One thing that has been extremely important to me has been finding a book that actually has it all! There have been experts that give you information on a piece of the finance puzzle but none do what "Messages" does: Guide you to riches in a Full Spectrum! Seven Steps are really all you need to live free of stress and fear for the rest of your life.

Bill Parsons, author of Master Mind: Tools for Transforming Your Life

I only wish I had this book as part of mandatory reading in school, heaven knows I would have more money by now. This book offers a realistic approach to setting goals and achieving them without any gimmicks or scams involved. The book is written in a comprehensive manner that I can certainly appreciate.

I would highly recommend this read to anyone, but the earlier the better.

Brennan, Amazon Reviewer

This book is for everyone. Easy to read, no degree required. I am sharing the news of this book with my younger family members. Follow this book, and I don't see how you aren't wildly financially successful.

Johnny, Amazon Reviewer

I wish this read had been available to me in my youth. We should encourage our kids and grandkids to read this book. The truths in Larry's book are life changing.

Stephen, Amazon Reviewer

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