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Is money stress killing the joy in your life?
Do you struggle to pay your bills?
Do you hide your money failures from others?
Have you given up on budgeting?
Have you tried to fix your money problems with little or no success? It’s not your fault! Money psychology overrides budget math!

From Money Disaster to Prosperity will pinpoint the root cause of your most persistent money management problems and show you how your past experiences and unconscious beliefs sabotage you. The workbook section then provides concrete action steps to overcome these unseen barriers.

Certified Therapist Michelle Bohls, and Certified Financial Instructor and millionaire Larry Faulkner team up to share uplifting stories and techniques of others who tamed their own financial lives and created happiness and financial independence.

Topics include:

  • Larry’s story of becoming a millionaire on a police officer’s salary

  • Identifying past experiences that created the money script you follow

  • How to turn bad money habits into prosperous habits

  • Strategies to end financial Infidelity in your domestic relationship

  • Moving from financial helplessness to finally saving and investing


Learn the proven steps to halt your money despair and create a new life of hope, prosperity and financial freedom.

What Readers Are Saying

Whether you make a little or a lot of money, From Money Disaster to Prosperity takes the mystery out of money management. This Breakthrough Formula offers valuable information and real tools to conquer self-defeating behavior that oftentimes affects financial stability. It proves that anyone, from the formerly incarcerated or those working blue-collar jobs, can overcome seemingly impossible life situations and improve their financial wellbeing.  

Karen Basso, Adjunct College Professor

From Money Disaster to Prosperity gave me valuable insights on how my childhood experiences have inextricably colored my view of money today. It gives relatable, simple advice on how to recognize and correct counterproductive money mindsets.

Jennifer Tung, Payments Lawyer

I constantly recommend From Money Disaster to Prosperity to people taking my divorce recovery class. It explains how your family and childhood impacts how you relate to money. It allows you to understand yourself better and gives you the tools you need for self-examination. It also helps you step outside of your comfort zone so you can do things differently.

Scott Montgomery, Divorce Recovery Instructor

I have exciting news! Lisa and I are working together to produce a FREE, financial newsletter. This is an outgrowth of the financial educational work we are already doing to help our community and friends. 
The newsletter’s mission is to increase both your financial knowledge and create the fiscal confidence you must have to thrive in today’s world. It contains engaging information to learn how to build wealth and navigate our rapidly changing economic environment. Stay abreast of these important changes and increase your financial best practices at the same time.

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